My name is Cody Tucker and, as a fellow dog owner and lover, I am excited to work with you and your pup on this new adventure!

My professional background is in secondary education and, while I no longer teach in a classroom setting, I have a passion for learning and education I like to apply to other areas of my life, as well as help others. 

I have always felt strong connections to most dogs with whom I have either owned or interacted which, in addition to having owned three rescues myself, led me to donate my time volunteering in a no-kill shelter.

I fell in love with my work at the shelter which sparked a strong interest in learning more about canine behavior. I successfully applied my studies to interactions with some of the more behaviorally challenging dogs, leading to more adoptions. My efforts were noticed and I was offered a staff position, enhancing my work with the dogs and giving me experience counseling potential adopters. I found the work and forming those relationships to be fulfilling, so I decided to leave the shelter and continue pursuing that passion by starting my own business.

And... Synergy Canine Consulting was born! 

I currently hold the title of Canine Training and Behavior Specialist (CCTBS) certification through the Animal Behavior Institute. I am ready to use my knowledge, training, and experiences to expertly help you strengthen your relationship with your canine!

Are you ready to get started? 



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