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Why Board & Train? 

This format for training is where I see dogs excel the most. Mainly because they get out of their familiar surroundings and are given a chance to focus on their learning, one step at a time! It allows me, the trainer, to really focus on the needs of your dog and communicate with them in the most effective manner possible, which varies from dog to dog. 

The real value in our Board & Train programs is two-fold: 

1) It allows for your dog's foundational skills to be developed properly, without a huge chance for errors. Mainly due to the consistency of the training and schedule they will receive.

2) It allows for PROPER socialization with other dogs, as well as proper socialization in various public settings as well. 

We also don't work out of a facility, as all training happens at our home. Which is a peaceful atmosphere that allows for the least stressful experience possible. With their training program being centered out of our home, they will receive loads of one-one time, plus socializing with our personal dogs (Beau & Minnie), and other students. 

We almost forgot the most AMAZING aspect of my program...

LIFETIME SUPPORT!! If you need help with your dog once they complete the program, need to send them back for a few days, just want a listening ear, or whatever else you may need. We're there with you every step of the way! (support applies to the lifetime of the dog)

6 week Board & Train = $4,500

This length of time will allow us to fully condition a dog through a full obedience program to an advanced level, which includes gaining more skills off-leash. This program is best suited for dogs who have little to no obedience training, young puppies (who are potty-trained) , and dogs with deeper behavioral issues that need more time to work on said issues.

4 week Board & Train = $4,000

This length of time is ample for a dog to get to an intermediate level with their obedience. It is also great for dogs who are experiencing minor reactivity issues. This is best intended for dogs and puppies (who are potty-trained) who have little to no obedience training. 

2 week Board & Train = $2,500

This program allows us to get a jumpstart on your dog's obedience skills. This is best intended for dogs and puppies (who are potty-trained). This is NOT appropriate for dogs with reactivity/strong behavioral issues.

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