Day Training

It's like Doggie Daycare...but way better!!  

This format for training is the next best thing to a Board & Train program!! This program is great for humans who are super busy juggling all of the aspects of life, but also want a well-behaved dog too! 

How does it work?

On your scheduled training days, you will drop your dog off between 7AM-9AM and pick them up between 4PM-6PM. At the end of each day you will receive any pictures/video footage from training throughout the day, as well as a quick debrief, and write-up if needed, with instructions for how to maintain it at home. 

Throughout each day your dog will receive a structured 1:1 training session in the AM and the PM, to work on the goals for the day. There will also be group play times scheduled throughout the day, as well as scheduled breaks to rest and decompress. 

Training Weeks run from Monday-Thursday. 

Private Sessions are scheduled on Friday + Saturday AM. The goal of these sessions is to assess your skills/progress with your dog, and give direct feedback intended to improve your relationship with your dog. 

An example schedule for a 2 week training program would go as follows: 

Week #1: You would drop-off and pickup your dog for training, daily, Monday through Thursday. Then we would have a 45 min.-1 hour private session scheduled on that Friday or Saturday AM.

Week #2: Repeat the same process as Week #1 :)

What will my dog learn? 

They'll learn so many awesome things from general obedience, life skills conditioning, proper play skills, basic tricks, etc.

IT'S UP TO YOU! and what your dog needs. 

Each training program is skillfully crafted to meet your dog's needs, but also the human's needs as well! 

Is this program right for my dog? 

The ideal dog for this program is:

If you have a young puppy or you're still struggling with potty training, check out our  Online Coaching Programs 


1 week program -  $600

*package expires 1 month  from the start of the training program

2 week program - $1,100 

  *package expires 3 months from the start of the training program

4 week program (Best $$ Value) - $2,000 

*package expires 6 months from the start of the training program

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